Monthly Message From the President


Dear Filipino Business Owners and Professionals:

These last eight months have been horrific with the unending and unnerving impact of Covid-19 not only on our businesses but on our daily lives as well. Reciting a litany of problems, challenges, issues and contemplation on one's own survival will only depress us further.  Suffice it to say that surviving the next six months and beyond must be an imperative that all of us must adopt.  To this end the Chamber has been and is continuing to provide information and support for your efforts to secure grant (non-payback) funds to ensure your survival.  But to be honest we have had limited success in encouraging, facilitating and ensuring grant application success.  We want to encourage all you FilAm Business owners and professionals to contact us if you need technical assistance to complete your grant applications.
This last point is especially important now.  With the advent of a new administration in Washington DC there will undoubtedly be announcements of new grants and loans for small businesses.  We must be first-in line in submitting our requests.  We urge you to begin preparations for your application by getting your financial records in order, formulating how you plan to use the funds, and adopting new ways of doing business in the new economy by using technology. Our Chamber recently completed two important zoom workshops.  Please download them on our website to review them.  Two additional ones - "How To Use Social Media to Promote Your Business: and "Joining the online Palengke Mall to Expand Your Business Reach" are forthcoming.  If you cannot attend them at the designated dates and times, please download and review them.  
We want you to survive and thrive this global pandemic that is significantly impacting us at the local level.  Let's work together to succeed together.
Thank you
Dr. A. Barretto Ogilvie