All-Purpose Cake Co.



image814Our Cakes

We believe that cake should be enjoyed by everyone and bring joy.   When we envisioned our cakes we wanted it to be everything we WISHed for - amazing inclusive cakes, allowing everyone to indulge, despite allergies and dietary restrictions.   Our cakes are the cakes we wished to have! 

We use only the best and freshest ingredients. As much as we can, we source locally in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our cakes are a traditional French dessert made of layers of meringues between piped buttercream.  Our meringues layers are made by binding nuts with egg whites, making our cakes light and nutty .  This is what makes our cakes unique, the balance of textures and flavors! 

Our cakes are sold frozen but at it's best served thaw.  Allow to thaw in refrigerator or countertop before serving.