Our Organization's Purpose


According to the charter the Chamber does the following:

  1. Serve as an organization of Filipino businessmen and professionals in the Pacific Northwest for a common goal.
  2. Provide a center of information on trade and business among members and other entities.
  3. Promote and develop business ethical standards among members.
  4. Support issues affecting member businessmen and professionals.
  5. Assist members to succeed in their particular field.
  6. Perform such other purposes allowed under the Washington Corporation Act as a non-profit corporation.



Past President(s) were:

- 1983 to 1985 Lalaine Bennet Wong (former 1963 Miss Universe, 3rd runner up)

- 1993 to 1994 Rasty Campos

- 1994 to March 2006 Bert Golla, CPA

- April 2006 to March 2010 Alex Borromeo

- April 2010 to March 2012 Sheila Burrus

- April 2012 to March 2014 Gideon Epistola

- April 2014 to December 2021 Anthony Ogilvie


Current President is: Jet Castro (January 2022-present)